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Gabby Thomas takes drastic action over the HOP sale in Emmerdale

GABBY Thomas is set to take drastic action over the Hop sale in Emmerdale.

The character – played by Rosie Bentham – has had a tough time in recent months after discovering Nicky Milligan was gay and trying to dupe her out of her money on their wedding day.


Gabby Thomas is set to take drastic action over the Hop sale in Emmerdale[/caption]


Gabby takes action after Victoria accidentally causes Jacob to have an allergic reaction[/caption]


Nicky is now in a relationship with Suni Sharma and Gabby has struggled with seeing him around the village all the time.

She recently decided to sell her shares in the many businesses she co-owns, from The Hide Bistro to The Hop.

But in upcoming Emmerdale scenes, her plans to sell up go awry after Victoria mistakenly tells Jacob that a slider is nut-free, leading to an allergic reaction.

Jacob is rushed to hospital and his mum Leyla is furious at Victoria’s mistake.


Later, Victoria admits her mistake to Gabby, who loses potential buyers for Hop.

Leyla – who is out for revenge – is shocked to find Victoria still there and threatens to ruin her business.

Gabby then fires Victoria, leaving her devastated…

The drama prompts Gabby to have a rethink, and later in the week, Kim Tate is thrilled to learn Gabby has decided to take the Hop off the market.


Emmerdale airs on ITV1 and is available on ITVX.

September 14, 2023 at 11:30AM

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