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GP ‘had sex with string of women in his consulting room and lied that his mum was ill to juggle his girlfriends’

A DOCTOR had sex with a string of women in his consulting room — while lying that his mother was ill to “juggle” his girlfriends, a tribunal heard.

Thomas Plimmer, 40, preyed on a “vulnerable” colleague to force her into weekly sex ­sessions at his GP practice, it was claimed.

Marc Giddings

Dr Thomas Plimmer had sex with a string of women in his consulting room, a tribunal heard[/caption]

It has also been claimed he preyed on a ‘vulnerable’ colleague to force her into weekly sex ­sessions at his GP practice

The Cambridge-educated medic also showed her videos of him romping with another woman which he filmed on his mobile, the hearing was told.


He went on to invite two others he met on dating sites to the surgery in Swindon, Wilts, where he engaged in sex acts during working hours, it was said.

He had sex with one of them while he was living with another witness, the Medical Practitioners Tribunal was told.

Dr Plimmer also lied to two of the women, claiming family illness to avoid meeting them to “allow him to juggle and see other women” using “detail derived from his medical experience”.

On one occasion he said his brother was in hospital, sending one of the women a picture of a stranger on a hospital bed pretending to be him.


Mark Monaghan, presenting the case on behalf of the General Medical Council, said: “It was completely fabricated.

“He is a frequent, plausible and regular liar.”

The tribunal, held by video ­conference, was told Dr Plimmer’s relationship with a colleague started with an “innuendo about a chocolate rabbit”.

In May 2018, the GP went into a room and “without warning” showed her a video of him having sex with another woman.


Mr Monaghan said: “He accepted it happened but says it was agreed and consensual.”

He said Dr Plimmer knew the colleague was vulnerable.

He told the hearing: “This represented abuse of his position.

“After this, the doctor tried to kiss and tried to touch her.


“He would come into her room with his trousers undone and flirt with her.

“She would refuse his advances.”

Mr Monaghan said that there were occasions when she went into the doctor’s consulting room to find him performing a sex act and he frequently sent her explicit videos, both of which he admits.

The tribunal was told that on one occasion, the doctor saw his colleague at reception and she was “clearly distressed”.


Mr Monaghan said: “He put his arm around her and led her into his consulting room.”

He added Dr Plimmer said he had something “to cheer her up” and put her hand on his privates, the tribunal was told.

There was sexual behaviour on a “weekly basis” but Dr Plimmer claims it was always consensual.

The tribunal heard she was afraid of complaining or pressing the emergency bell as she feared she would be blamed.


The tribunal also heard that he met another woman — referred to as Miss B — through a dating app on New Year’s Eve 2019.

On January 3, they met at the surgery and “she assumed they would go somewhere for coffee”, the tribunal was told.

They went into his consulting room and, after making a mug of tea, he locked the door and she performed a sex act on him, it was said.

Mr Monaghan told the hearing: “She became uncomfortable as she could hear people walk past.”


Dr Plimmer had met another woman — Miss C — on a dating app in May 2018.

He took her to the tennis at Wimbledon and also had dinner with her parents.

Mr Monaghan said: “He started making excuses not to see her.

“One of the excuses was his mother had several strokes that were ­serious and required her to be in a rehab facility.


“These excuses were deliberate lies to allow him to juggle and see other women instead.”

In May 2020, they had been together for two years but she was growing increasingly concerned he would not meet up with her.

He told her to come to the ­surgery where they had sex in office hours.

Mr Monaghan said he ­continued to be “attentive from a distance” but was at that time already living with another of the women — Miss D — who he met on a dating site in January 2019.


When she found out “she felt sick”.

The tribunal heard how he ­cancelled most of his initial dates with Miss D, making excuses which were “wholly fabricated”.

Mr Monaghan said: “He sent her a photo of a man in a hospital bed saying it was his brother . . . it wasn’t.”

He even sent her “play by play” updates about his brother’s condition. Dr Plimmer moved in with her in May 2020.


In January 2021, the medic met a fifth woman, Miss E, on a dating site.

He twice sent her unsolicited pictures of his privates and “she could tell from the picture it was taken at work”, the tribunal heard.

Dr Plimmer is also accused of threatening another woman, Miss F, saying: “If that c*** takes me to the GMC, I’ll slit her throat.

“I know where she lives” or words to that effect.


The tribunal is set to run until September 29.

September 13, 2023 at 01:30AM

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