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I created a home theater for $200 in my 26 ft tiny home using Costco, Ikea and Amazon buys – it’s now my favorite space

A TINY home enthusiast has created an impressive movie theater experience in her 26-foot living room, describing it as her favorite space.

Choosing well-selected buys from Costco, Ikea, and Amazon, the cost for her home entertainment area was just $200.

TikTok user Maggie Goetsch created a home movie theater in her tiny home
Tiktok /tiny_maggie_ann
With the addition of a few well-positioned lights she created a tiny home movie theater
Tiktok /tiny_maggie_ann

Maggie Goetsch (@tiny_maggie_ann) was delighted with her enterprise.

“I love this creative and inexpensive solution to better movie nights,” she said.


Even better, she figured even those with few DIY skills could achieve it.

“A staple piece that anyone can do and is perfect for small spaces like mine.”

Maggie already had a 32-inch TV that swiveled for easy viewing from all angles of her teeny tiny home.

But it wasn’t perfect.


“After about a year I realized I could only see the screen well if I was sitting close in my chair,” she said.

So Maggie got her thinking cap and came up with a solution.

“I successfully converted my living room into a home movie theater,” she said.

“After some research, I found this projector on Amazon, that I hooked up my switch to.


“And my boyfriend got me this incredible sound system that was on sale at Costco.

“To bring this movie theater to life I moved my coffee table and I pulled out my Ikea couch into a large bed.”

She more than doubled her viewing monitor with the addition of an 80-inch screen, also from Amazon, that was easily retractable.

“This set up seems really expensive and ridiculous but it actually cost about the same price as a TV,” she said.


“I think I shelled out about $200 total for the projector and the screen.”

She completed the movie theater atmosphere by closing her drapes and placing lights around the room.

“It was a little stressful mounting and wiring everything by myself but it was so worth it and definitely one of my favorite parts about my tiny house,” she said in conclusion.

Commenters thought her creation was fantastic.


“I love this. Looks so cozy,” said one person.

“It’s such a cool set up,” said another.

“Omg, how it feels to live my dream. You look so happy,” said a third.

She created a $200 home theater using Costco, Ikea & Amazon buys
Tiktok /tiny_maggie_ann
The projector came from Amazon
Tiktok /tiny_maggie_ann

September 12, 2023 at 06:01PM

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