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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

I hated my EV so I swapped back to petrol…here’s why it’s so much better and cheaper

A FORMER EV driver has told how he swapped his bank-breaking electric vehicle for a diesel motor.

YouTuber Lee – or The MacMaster – took to the site to explain how the squeeze of owning an EV pushed him back to diesel vehicles.


Youtuber The MacMaster explained why having a diesel motor is a cheaper choice[/caption]

The video’s caption reads: “I swapped my electric car for a petrol car that’s cleaner than my EV and boy did I pay the price.


“Finally after years of owning and driving an EV I climb back into a petrol car, a car with an internal combustion engine, but I did have to part with my hard earned money.”

Speaking ironically, it actually turned out that out that owning a diesel car was less of a strain on Lee’s funds than its electrical counterpart.

Upon returning his “cheap to run” diesel Porche, Lee is told that the car set him back just “£45 to fill up for 350 miles”.

Lee responds: “See? A lot cheaper than an electric car.”


Electric car owners will be feeling the pinch as driving the vehicle will cost 18p per mile.

For 350 miles, EV drivers will have to cough up £63 for the same privilege.

Many flocked to the comments to commend the influencer for his return to petrol cars.

One viewer said: “That’s the spirit Lee.


“Get back to old school motoring real cars.”

Another user added: “Good on you Lee, that electric car was going to bankrupt you otherwise.

“You definitely will be glad to see the back of your EV,” a third chimed in.

“Have a lovely weekend.”


Elsewhere, an EV owner explained why she made the switch back to diesel, saying it’s much more relaxing.

Abigayle Andre, who runs motors site SheTalksCars, took to TikTok to explain why owning an electric car became too much of a headache.


Lee was shocked to learn that having an EV was more expensive[/caption]
September 15, 2023 at 11:50PM

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