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I left my old life behind & moved into my car – I live on £600 benefits & I love every second of it

THIS woman left her old life behind to live in her car on a strict budget – and absolutely loves it.

Dee opted for the nomad lifestyle after a divorce made her rethink her living situation.

Yoitube /@CheapRVliving

Dee adopted to the nomad way of living[/caption]

Yoitube /@CheapRVliving

Her bed is roomy enough for her and her pup[/caption]


She explained to Cheap RV Living: “Four years ago, I got a divorce and tried living on my own. It was almost impossible.

“Now I live on a little over £600 per month. I always loved camping… I love the freedom, I love the fresh air, I love the camaraderie.”

Dee now calls her 2005 Pontiac Grand Am home, and has made her living situation cosy.

Inside her four door car, she has a memory foam mattress stretched across the passenger side.


After taking out many of the seats of her car, she had room for a twin sized mattress and more storage.

She said: “I have a one burner stove that I can sit on my bench to cook.”

If Dee needs to use the bathroom, she funnels it into a big bucket in the back and dumps it at her campsites.

For number two, Dee uses a plastic lined bucket – nothing fancy, but she said it gets the job done.


When it comes time to sleep, Dee uses reflectors custom fit to her windows to block out any light or prying eyes.

And the interior of the car is cosy once she climbs into bed – plastic blocks any cold coming from the trunk, and burning her stove for five minutes heats the entire car.

She also has a pop up tent she sets up outside of her car for some fresh air and protection from the elements.

For lighting inside her cosy car, she bought a £12 solar light which makes the interior “so bright she can’t believe it”.


Dee said: “Anybody can do it. Just a bit of creativeness.”

Another woman has moved into her car to save money and now travels the world thanks to a savvy feature that lets her sleep in the roof.

Solo traveller Eva zu Beck revealed the incredible addition to her car that not only gives her a great night’s sleep but the ability to park anywhere.

She goes around the globe in her 4×4 home on wheels and when it’s time to go to bed, all she needs to do is expand her car roof into a full-size tent.


Eva shared a full tour of her mobile home to her 1.7 million YouTube subscribers.

The retractile feature sits on top of her car, which can be accessed with a ladder.

That way, Eva can basically have a two-storey mini home on the road.

Yoitube /@CheapRVliving

She blocks out light with insulated reflectors[/caption]

Yoitube /@CheapRVliving

Dee also has a camping stove she brings out[/caption]
September 23, 2023 at 12:55AM

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