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I live in an off-grid tiny house – people ask how I afford my lifestyle, the truth about my day job stuns them

A NATURE-LOVER who lives in a secluded tiny house has surprised many after revealing how she is able to afford her enviable lifestyle.

Sophie Kovic (@sophiekovic) spoke candidly about how she earns money while living off-grid, after being bombarded with questions on TikTok. 

Sophie Kovic has gone viral on TikTok after sharing how she makes money

She boasts over 291,000 followers on the social media platform where she shares scenic views of the nature surrounding her tiny home.

She explained that she owns an eco-friendly brand selling skincare, homeware, and travel accessories.


The entrepreneur filmed herself using items from her company Seed and Sprout as part of her beauty routine. 

Sophie said: “Sometimes people ask me how did I afford to do this project.

“Well, a lot of people now know about my natural swimming pool and my off-grid tiny house, but they don’t know what my day job is.

“And actually you’re looking at it right now.”


Sophie showed herself having an outdoor bath with a selection of skincare products on hand.

She continued: “So this is a piece of content that I made for work today.

“My work is that I own a brand called Seed and Sprout.

“We make environmentally friendly products that help you to reduce waste in your life.


“They are as natural and non-toxic as possible.

“I started with a plastic-free lunchbox and now we have over 150 products on the website.

“This is me showing how I use a bunch of them in my life.

“It is actually my third or fourth business.


“I’ve been doing it for a while and I’ve worked really hard to get to where I am right now.

“The goal of making money for me was always to live like this. 

“In connection and with respect to the world around me.”

Sophie lives off-grid in a tiny home surrounded by nature

The video racked up over 194,000 likes but left commenters guessing about her other streams of income.


One person wrote: “You’re my goals. I wanna make money to live off-grid too.”

Another commented: “Love this just curious what your other businesses are?”

A third said: “OMG [oh my God] that’s what I wanna be doing.

“Please help a sister out, I have so many things I wanna do but idk [I don’t know] where to start.”


A fourth wrote: “You’re living my dream life.”

Another added: “Ugh, literally living the dream by making the world a better place, you really made it in life.”

Sophie said she has multiple streams of income including running her own eco-friendly business
Sophie demonstrated using products from her business during her daily life

September 14, 2023 at 03:27PM

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