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I live on a river – my porch steps descend into the water, I need to put on special pants and boots whenever I go out

AN outdoorsy adventurer said she doesn’t have to go far to experience the beauty that nature brings.

To leave her property, she must walk through a river.

An adventure seeker said leaving her house for regular errands isn’t a walk in the park

Her house is literally on a river, with front porch stairs that descend directly into the water[/caption]

A thrill seeker who goes by Kayak Katie on TikTok (@southernadventurehunter) has a passion for all things outdoorsy: kayaking, hiking, biking, and exploring nature.


In one clip, she proved she even designed her home to fit her needs.

“POV: you live on the river, and you forgot the milk,” she began.

The southern charmer stepped onto her wooden front porch wearing a flannel button down, workout leggings, and socks.

After locking the door behind her, she got ready to trek into town.


Katie stepped into what seemed like a fabric bucket, but when she pulled it up she revealed that it was actually her water-safe attire: a pair of high-waisted leopard rain pants attached to rubber boots.

She threw on a bucket hat, grabbed her purse, and headed out.

To leave her house, she descended down long wooden steps which led her directly into the river.

Underneath the home was a charming porch swing hanging only a foot or two above water.


Katie is clearly used to her rustic lifestyle, as she walked a long ways, through the wooded river with her water gear protecting her clothes, until she made it to the shallow that led to a dirt road.

Still, she said it’s important to get all her errands done in one trip.

“Best not forget anything,” she quipped in the caption.

While Katie loves connecting with the river, others found it a bit daunting.


“All I’m thinking is snakes and gators,” one admitted.

“Mosquitos!” wrote another.

And a third just imagined the tricky move-in: “I just want to know how the hack y’all got furniture inside.”

She treads through a streaming river and wilderness until landing on a dirt road

September 22, 2023 at 11:36PM

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