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I shed 60 lbs in two months – my go-to breakfast helps you lose weight, it’s just 4 ingredients & ready in 10 minutes

A WEIGHT loss inspiration has said she was able to lose 60 pounds in two months.

She said her go-to breakfast contained four ingredients and only took minutes to make.


A woman on a weight loss journey shed 60 pounds in two months[/caption]


Her favorite breakfast has four ingredients[/caption]


TikToker Jess Gets Fit (@jessgetsfit0) said that her healthy dish was an egg breakfast taco.

In a new video, she said the first step was to chop half of a medium onion.

Then she cut up half of a red bell pepper.

She sprayed her pan with Pam, a cooking spray that prevents food from sticking.


Jess said she cooks the onions and pepper for five to seven minutes.

While the veggies cook, you can get the eggs ready.

The weight loss pro said to “crack three eggs, mix it up, add some salt and pepper, and then mix it again.”

Once the vegetables are tender, Jess said that she adds the egg mixture to the pan.


“Let it sit and cook for two to three minutes, ” she said.

When the eggs are ready, Jess revealed there are two ways they can be eaten: on a “plain plate” or with a zero-carb tortilla.

She said she likes to add an avocado for healthy fat, as well.

“I make this for breakfast almost every morning recently and usually save half for the next day too.


Jess clarified that she underwent vertical sleeve gastrectomy, a weight loss procedure where the size of the stomach is produced.

“I did have gastric sleeve surgery, so much of my weight loss is due to this in addition to changing my eating habits,” she said.

The TikToker cooks eggs with onion and pepper

The meal can be eaten plain or as a breakfast taco[/caption]
September 16, 2023 at 02:40AM

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