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Sunday, December 3, 2023

I thought I’d save money and do my nails at home with a dip powder kit but it went SO wrong

A BEAUTY fan has shared an epic DIY nail disaster after she tried to save money and get a salon look at home. 

Lauryn shared the huge beauty flop in a TikTok video online. 


A beauty fan has shared an epic DIY nail disaster after she tried to save money and get a salon look at home[/caption]

Lauryn’s dip powder nails were a complete flop and she found it hilarious

The beauty fan, who goes by @dancingandthings, revealed she had bought a dip powder kit to try and get an at-home salon look. 


Dip powder kits are an alternative to gels and press on and they aim to harden or lengthen your natural nails.

Dip powder kits are very easy to use, you usually start with a base coat before dipping the nail into the powder. Next you brush the activator on the nail to bond the colour. 

After shaping and buffing you can then a thin top coat. 

These dip powders can last anywhere from two to three weeks depending on how fast your nails grow. 


Dip powder sets are usually very affordable prices range from £10 to £30. 

They are not as resilient as gels or press-ons they can chip easily through labour intensive tasks like washing dishes. 

Lauryn showed her followers the nail look she was aiming for. 

The beauty fan wanted short, clean, clear light pink, square shaped nails.


But what Lauryn was left with were patchy and clumped nails which went way over her cuticle lines. 


She said: “Big oof.”

Lauryn’s nail flop was viewed over 341,000 times and people agreed it was a complete disaster. 


One user said: “Nothing could have prepared me!!!!!.”

Another said: “The whole reason I won’t buy it is because I know my hands will look exactly like the second picture.”

“It shouldn’t look like that at all lol,” said a third. 

Many followers urged the beauty fan to keep trying with DIY nails insisting it would get easier over time. 


One user said: “Practice makes perfect. Took me a few tries before it got better.”

Another said: “I’m sorry but keep practising you got this! I love diy nails.”

September 22, 2023 at 12:49PM

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