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I transformed my kitchen countertops with a bargain buy from Amazon and I’m obsessed with how it turned out

A DIY fan has shared how she transformed her kitchen countertops for just £12.75 in a few hours. 

After decided she didn’t want to fork out on pricey wooden countertops the DIY fan said she found a cheaper and much quicker alternative


A DIY fan has shared how she transformed her kitchen countertops for just £12.75 in a few hours[/caption]


Claire said she went with peel and stick vinyl to cut costs and save on workload[/caption]

Claire Appleton shared the mini renovation in a TikTok video online. 

She said: “New worktops for £12.75?”

“We used Dcfixbrand to make our worktops look like new.”

The DIY fan said the Dcfix took a bit of getting used to but she figured it out in the end. 

She said: “It’s a fiddly start, but once in the correct position then yes [it’s easy]. I like to peel off the backing close to the surface so it doesn’t move around.”

Claire said she went with this option to cut costs and save on workload. 

She said: “We didn’t want the cost or hassle of getting a joiner in to replace them. So this was the cheapest solution.”

The DIY fan said she got her peel and stick vinyl from Amazon for £12.75

The best thing about peel and stick vinyl is that it is waterproof and heat resistant. 

It’s perfect for renters who want to make a big change that isn’t permanent and looks good on kitchen worktops, cupboard doors and furniture. 


Brands usually have a lot of choice with materials. 

You can go for an oak texture to mimic the appearance of real wood like Claire, other styles mimic marble or chrome. 

The vinyl is easy is to clean and very easy to remove if you want to switch things up again or go back to the original counter style. 

Claire said she was obsessed with how the final look turned out. 

She said: “I’m honestly obsessed.”

Claire’s video was viewed over 101,000 times and people agreed Claire’s kitchen looks stunning afterwards.

One user said: “What a great idea, love your countertop decorations to.”

Another said: “Just done ours really happy they look great.”

“Looks much better lovely,” said a third. 

September 18, 2023 at 03:18PM

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