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Friday, September 29, 2023

I want to become absolutely huge – trolls say my muscles are ‘unappealing’ but I don’t want to date skinny blokes anyway

A GYM baddie has hit back at cruel trolls who body-shame her muscular figure and insist it’s ”unappealing” for men.

Like the majority of women, mum Nevaeh Hope first joined the gym in hopes to become ”skinny” – however, since then, her perspective on health and beauty has changed… and so have her goals.

When Neveah first joined the gym she wanted to be as skinny as possible – safe to say, her perspective has changed
Tik Tok /@nevaeh_hope21
According to the mum, she’s got no interest in dating slimmer dudes anyway
Tik Tok /@nevaeh_hope21

Now, instead of being a cardio bunny spending endless hours on the treadmill and eating salad, the fitness fanatic is all about lifting heavy weights.

Sharing a little snippet of her muscular body, Nevaeh, believed to be from the USA, said she’s determined to become ”absolutely huge”.


All chuffed with the hard work that’s paid off, the parent, who is currently pregnant, revealed just how well-developed and muscular her upper body’s turned.

”This bulk went straight to the traps,” the mum chuckled in the video pleased with her massive back muscles.

However, despite looking fearless and strong, Nevaeh was soon cruelly trolled by meanies who reckoned her physique was unattractive to the opposite sex.

”jeez that’s unappealing,” one TikTok user said, whilst someone else thought she should be training lower body more often.


”Buff fish stick,” a third chimed in.

Others, meanwhile, were more concerned about another aspect and were quick to mum-shame the young fitness fanatic.

”isn’t working out that hard damaging to the baby tho??? I mean I shouldnt work out too hard whilst pregnant [sic].”

After being relentlessly mocked on the platform, where she has over 22k followers, Neveah also shared a message to all the haters.



For those saying nobody would desire her, the weightlifting lover said that skinnier men were not her preference anyway,

”Yall can keep Harry Styles i want a bodybuilder [sic].”

And it seems that Neveah has already found her one and only muscular Romeo who loves the gym as much as she does – and he also regularly ”pushes” her to lift harder.


”strong men want strong women. Stay mad,” Neveah went on in the caption.

September 14, 2023 at 06:05PM

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