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Friday, September 29, 2023

I’m 64 but look decades younger – I love wearing bikinis and feel like I’m in my 40s and my secrets are really simple

A WOMAN in her sixties, who could pass for decades younger, has shared why she still feels like she’s in her forties. 

Harrah Brown is 64 but recently posed up a storm in a tiny white bikini, claiming “64 is the new 44.”


Harrah Brown is 64 but looks decades younger[/caption]


She recently said 64 is the new 44[/caption]


The glamorous blonde lady, who shared the video on social media at @harrahbrown, earned so many compliments for her enviable physique and toned tum.

And while many described her as “amazing”, “beautiful” and “age-defying”, others begged to know her secret. 

Harrah has previously opened up about how a heartbreak in her sixties led to her reinventing herself and focusing on her mind and body.

Aged 61, Harrah decided to make a big change and threw herself into a new fitness regime.


She began working out three times a week for an hour each time and incorporated a mixture of resistance training and weight lifting. 

Now the mum-of-four has revealed she’s proud to be reaping the results, as she’s shared videos from her gym sessions and how she’s toned up and built herself a booty and “strong, sexy shoulders” too. 

Harrah, who has said she’s never had surgery, previously explained: “I started working out at age 61. Getting in shape was the best thing for my mind, my body and my spirit. 

Harrah added: “It’s hard work, but so worth it!”


She’s also said it’s never too late and “you’re never too old” to become “strong, healthy and fabulous.”

But Harrah’s key bit of advice? 

She wrote: “Ageing is a mindset. You are as young and as beautiful as you feel!”

Her words certainly resonated with many of her 66.7k followers, as many flocked to tell her that she was a huge source of inspiration.


One TikTok user wrote: “You’ve got me motivated. I just turned 69 and feeling like giving up. 

“Everyone tells me that I am old. I’m going to prove them wrong. THANK YOU!!”

Meanwhile, a second person added: “If I looked like this at any age I’d be more than happy. Beautiful.”

Another added: “You look fabulous… way to represent women in their 60s 


While a third said: “Whaaat??!! You’re 64. You’re absolutely gorgeous!”

And one more person typed: “Wow. No way you’re 64!”

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She puts her look down to working out three times a week[/caption]
September 14, 2023 at 04:18PM

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