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I’m a cleaning pro – stop using bleach everywhere and you mustn’t bulk buy to nab a bargain, it makes your home dirtier

A CLEANING pro has revealed the five mistakes people often make, so you’ll need to ensure you’re listening up if you want your home to sparkle. 

The cleaning expert explained that you mustn’t use bleach all over your home and should never bulk buy cleaning products.

Tik Tok /@home_reimagined

A cleaning expert has shared the five mistakes that people often make[/caption]

Tik Tok /@home_reimagined

She explained that you mustn’t wash microfiber clothes with other fabrics[/caption]

Tik Tok /@home_reimagined

She also claimed that you shouldn’t use the same product on everything in your home[/caption]

In fact, doing so, according to her, is a waste of time and is actually making your home dirtier.

Sharing the advice online, the social media user, who posts under the account ‘Home Reimagined’, claimed that one big error people make is: “Using expired products – if you did not already know your cleaning products expire.

“Avoid buying in bulk if you aren’t able to use them before the expiration date.”


She then added: “If you did not already know, your cleaning products expire” as she confirmed that all-purpose cleaners typically last for about two years, baking soda will stay fresh for 18 months to two years, whilst bleach will only last for six months to a year.

She also claimed that washing-up liquid will keep for six to 18 months, whilst drain declogger will be useable for two years.

The cleaning whizz also added that floor cleaner can be used for two years, whilst silverware polish and window cleaner will last for three years.

She then shared the second mistake that many people make, as she confirmed: “Washing your microfiber cloths with other fabrics.


“Microfiber should be washed by itself to maintain the fibers. This is the main reason they come out fuzzy.”

The third mistake that many people make is: “Using the same product on everything. 

“Stop using bleach on everything in your home. Different surfaces require different kinds of products.

“Making sure you’re caring for your home with the correct items.”


Not only this, but the cleaning pro then explained the mistake that people make when cleaning stainless steel.

She noted: “When cleaning stainless steel, never start off with the polish.

“Always go ahead and wipe your appliance with warm water and dish soap to remove all the smudge dirt grime.

“While the polish says it will clean, it does not. It is simply to be used after to make it shine.”


Finally, and it’s one many of us are probably guilty of – neglecting areas you can’t see.

The cleaning whizz concluded: “Not cleaning areas you can’t see. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be clean.

“Making sure you’re moving furniture and cleaning under and behind it because dust travels in the air and could be what’s causing dirt around your home.”

The TikTok clip, which was shared under the username @home_reimagined, has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it has quickly amassed 73,500 views. 


One person asked: “Can I get the fuzzies out of the microfiber after the damage has been done?”

To this, the cleaning expert confirmed: “Yes! Pick out anything you can. Then ensure you are washing them correctly from there. You may want to hand wash if the fuzzies are bad.”

Another asked: “Microfiber can’t be washed with towels that aren’t microfiber?” to which the cleaning whizz replied “Nooooo.”

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Tik Tok /@home_reimagined

Not only this, but the cleaning expert shared her top tip for getting stainless steel sparkling[/caption]

Tik Tok /@home_reimagined

The TikTok user also explained that neglecting areas you can’t see is a big no no[/caption]
September 14, 2023 at 04:06PM

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