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I’m an animal behaviorist – three dog breeds I would never own, the first surprises people but it’s the ‘spawn of Satan’

AN animal behavior specialist has shared the three dogs she would never own again.

She dubbed the first pet the “spawn of Satan,” which was a surprise for many people.


Animal behaviorist Erin shared the three dog breeds she would never own[/caption]

Behaviorist Erin (@animalsandlearning) is the CEO of Animals and Learning, which offers training and pet-sitting opportunities.


In a TikTok video, she shared the three dog breeds she would never own based on her personal and professional experience.

She clarified in the video caption that she wasn’t saying that the breeds were bad.

“They just don’t fit my lifestyle, training desires, and what I would like out of a furry companion,” she explained.

The first breed she talked about was labrador retrievers, which she said “may surprise you as everyone always says they’re great starter pets.”


“The first two years they’re the spawn of Satan. They like to chew, fart, and have absolutely no impulse control,” making them hard to train, she said.

After that, she said they can be amazing dogs if you put in the work to train them.

The second breed she brought up was any spaniel or spaniel mixes, which she said are “extremely cute but have high cognitive demands.”

The blond woman added that they often aren’t met by owners which leads to under-stimulation, anxiety problems, and lack of impulse control.


She wrote in subtitles that they are her “number one client” and “either broken as f**k or angelic as f**k,” making them a gamble.

Lastly, she would never own chihuahuas or any of their mixes for several reasons.

“They often have neurological issues because of how the scalp puts pressure on the brain,” she said.


She said labrador retrievers are the ‘spawn of Satan’[/caption]


Erin explained that you never really know what you’re going to get and usually high-strung.

She added: “Sometimes it’s happiness and kisses, other times it’s aggression and bites.”

A few people asked the content creator for her opinion in the comment section of the video.

One shared: “I have a Labrador retriever, and he is just the calmest bundle of joy, I won’t mention the six years of hell and training.”


“Labs are the BEST old dogs without a doubt, but yes, the puppy and younger years are chaos and constant training,” Erin replied.

“What are your views on Scottish terriers? I have three and all do not listen,” another viewer inquired.

“They were originally ratting dogs, so like most terriers, they have really high energy and cognitive demands. It may be you need to do more brain activity and training with them,” Erin advised.


Erin said Spaniels often have high cognitive demands and anxiety issues[/caption]


Erin said chihuahuas often have neurological problems that make them high-strung[/caption]
September 12, 2023 at 07:12PM

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