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Kaesong printing plant rebuked for 10-day news blackout

The Kaesong newspaper’s printing plant is facing severe criticism after failing to print the paper for over ten days due to equipment failures and power outages.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a source in Kaesong revealed on Thursday that more than ten issues of the Kaesong newspaper in early and mid-June were printed late due to production issues. The incident came to light when the Kaesong committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea discovered the delay.

Upon learning of the printing interruption, the Kaesong party committee summoned the printing plant’s party committee and technical team for self-criticism statements. A meeting was held with all plant managers to address the problem areas.

The committee reprimanded the printing plant for not reporting the disruption caused by equipment malfunctions and power outages, instead attempting to conceal the issue. They were particularly displeased that they learned about the late distribution from another organization rather than the printing plant itself.

Plant managers explained that while newspaper staff had submitted articles on time, faulty equipment and blackouts prevented printing. However, the Kaesong party committee dismissed these explanations, describing the situation as “an issue that cannot be passed over lightly.”

The committee accused the printing plant’s managers of complacency and laxness, stating, “Whatever the reason, failing to get the newspaper out on time amounts to presenting Kaesong as a dead city for ten days.” They further warned that this “dangerous act” could have had severe consequences if reported to the central government.

The Kaesong party committee ordered several managers to “demonstrate their responsibility and remorse for causing political harm” and to develop strategies to prevent future occurrences.

In response, the printing plant now submits daily reports to the Kaesong party committee about equipment status and power supply. Staff have been instructed to immediately report any future crises to the committee and work with related departments to resolve them.

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July 09, 2024 at 01:30PM

by DailyNK(North Korean Media)

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