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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Katie Price reveals she wants even BIGGER lips after showing off new ‘Russian Doll’ fillers

KATIE Price has revealed she wants to make her lips even BIGGER, just days after showing off her new ‘Russian Doll’ fillers.

The glamour model, 45, had her mouth pumped up earlier this week, replacing her old butterfly lips with a new look she called ‘Russian Doll’.


Katie Price told fans she wants to get her lips pumped even bigger after getting new fillers in them this week[/caption]


The star made the comments on her latest TikTok live[/caption]


She opted for a ‘Russian doll’ look[/caption]

Katie’s previous filler was dissolved and replaced with the brand new injectables, which she showed off on TikTok live today.

When one fan commented on her smacker. she replied: “Do you like the lips? I wanna put some more in!”

She then placed her finger above her top lip before making a kissing motion to her army of followers.


Katie proceeded to admire her lips, getting really close up to the camera before commenting: “They look really funny in this light.”

She then flashed her gleaming white gnashers in a dazzling smile.

Her comments came as she flogged her clothing line on the social media site, modelling various items of clothing.

It comes after Katie showed fans her ‘real lips’ as she posted a snap after her old filler was dissolved, but before she had had her new filler added.


Sharing a clip to her Instagram story, Katie said: “I’m back!

“Got the eyelashes done, eyebrows – but guess what?”

She then pulled the camera closer to her pout as she said: “The lips.”

“They’re back, how good are they?


“Russian doll lips, 3D lips.”

The mum of five is believed to have splashed out over £500,000 on surgeries over the years – including 16 boob jobs, at least three face lifts, multiple brow lifts, Brazilian bum lifts, as well as filler and Botox.


Katie Price showed off her natural lips before topping them up once again[/caption]
September 24, 2023 at 08:16PM

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