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Friday, September 29, 2023

Man transforms normal garden shed into luxury spa complete with wall-mounted telly & hot tub – people say he’s a genius

A MAN has revealed he turned his shed into a luxury spa space and people are stunned. 

The home fan has been sharing clips of his stunning renovated home including a gorgeous dressing room and outdoor garden but people cannot believe that he turned luxury spa which features a hot tub. 


A man has revealed he turned his shed into a luxury spa space and people are stunned.[/caption]


The spa shed has a functioning hot tub and a wall mounted TV[/caption]


The creator who goes by @thegreyedit_home shared clips of their chic spa shed in a TikTok video online. 

The spa shed comes with a fully functioning hot tub for chill-axing. 

There’s storage space for drinks and glasses, plus some candles and decor for a nice ambience. 

The spa shed is also fitted with it’s own lighting so the owner can see well after dark. 


The shed is even fitted with a flat screen TV so the owner can watch TV whilst soaking in the hot tub. 

Remarkably, the spa shed doesn’t even take up all the space in the garden. 

The garden which is fitted with fake grass has an outdoor seating area complete with a lounge sofa. 

The rest of the garden lights up at night with fairy lights and floor lighting which switches on after dark. 


There’s also a full outdoor dining set which is neatly placed next to a massive outdoor BBQ. 

The garden also has two lounge chairs ready for sunbathing.


The video went viral with over 7.6 million views online, many viewers said they thought the shed was stunning. 


One user said: “Awesome space on a budget.”

Another said: “I think every girl needs this in their life.”

“I’d give the world to sit there and have a glass of champagne,” said a third. 

However some people pointed out it might not be the best idea to have steam and electricity in such an enclosed space. 


One user said: “The humidity inside.”

Another said: “Might wanna put an exhaust fan in it.”

“Better have a monstrous dehumidifier…” said a third. 

September 14, 2023 at 12:59AM

from The Sun


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