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My neighbors were too loud on our shared penthouse balcony so I got revenge – but people mock my ‘rich people problems’

A WEALTHY homeowner said she was sick of hearing her neighbors play loud music through their shared balcony.

She resolved the problem in the most high-class way.

An irritated woman said she had had enough of her noisy neighbors who blasted music all night
She filmed her penthouse apartment, which shares a balcony with the rude neighbors

Lydia Dupra (@theheauxmentorofficial) is a CEO who has clearly made enough money to live in a luxury penthouse.

Still, she said she deals with some irritating issues.


“My neighbors are too loud,” she began in the clip.

Music blasted through her modern apartment as she collapsed on her bed and shoved a pillow over her ears to block out the nonstop noise.

Revealing where the problem comes from, she filmed the floor-to-ceiling windows that led to her outdoor space.

“My bedroom shares a balcony with their kitchen balcony.”


Although there was a small privacy partition covered in ivy between the two balconies, clearly it wasn’t enough to block the sound waves from transferring over.

Frustrated with her situation, she came up with a solution that most people couldn’t even fathom.

“So, I leased their unit,” she wrote.

The bougie brunette stood in her former neighbor’s apartment, which was now hers, dancing around to the music that played in the background.


Now free to do whatever she pleases without any unwanted noise, she looked thrilled with her latest purchase.

“True story,” she captioned the clip.

Viewers said her issue is one they could only dream of.

“What I would do for a crumb of that apartment,” a commenter wrote.


“Rich people problems,” a second quipped.

“I hope to be as successful as this one day,” added another.  

Lydia was ecstatic about expanding her space now that she owned two units

September 14, 2023 at 01:20AM

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