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Prince William ‘sent out clear message on US trip and has done in a few days what Harry has failed to do in three years’

PRINCE William’s charm offensive in New York was “hugely successful” according to a royal expert – and his secret is not acting like the Sussexes.

Royal biographer Angela Levin believes the future King “won over Americans” by not making the trip about him and focusing on making a difference. 


Prince William was greeted by hundreds of people in New York[/caption]

During his trip, the royal paid tribute to those who lost their lives in 9/11

Instead of attending glitzy parties, William’s trip saw him connect with the public – shaking hands, posing for selfies and chatting with crowds of excitable New Yorkers.


He also visited FDNY Ten House, which lost 10 firefighters during the 9/11 terror attacks on the World Trade Centre, and an oyster project that’s helping to solve water pollution in the area.

Crowds were said to be hit with “royal fever” during his visit and some branded William a hunk after seeing him dressed in waders.

Angela believes Wills’ trip will have “kept the monarchy in the good books of Americans” and showcased his keen sense of duty to the public. 

She tells us: “William’s visit has been hugely successful, he has fared extremely well.


“He has worked hard, shown respect and shown that he wants to use his position to give the public as much as possible.

“He’s very kind and very accessible. He asks questions and doesn’t tell anyone what to do, or preach at them like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

“People are naturally drawn to William because he is comfortable in his own skin and cares. He’s someone very special, who we are lucky to have.”

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Photos from Prince William’s trip contrasted with the Sussexes’ last visit to New York[/caption]


‘Most admired’

Prince William’s incredible popularity across the pond was revealed when he was named America’s most admired public figure in a poll by Gallup in August.

He beat Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky, who placed second, US First Lady Jill Biden in third and King Charles III in fourth.

While William appears to have settled into his role as an ambassador for Britain, Angela remembers a time when that wasn’t the life he wanted.

She recalls: “When Prince William was first realising what it was going to be like to be King, he didn’t want to do it. 


“He didn’t want to cut ribbon or stand there and smile and be the name over a charity. That’s not what he felt was important.”

Angela believes King Charles has been pivotal in his transition by allowing him to “shape his own role as heir to the throne”.

She says: “The King obviously hasn’t said, ‘Now you’ve got to do this, this and this. 

“William’s father has given him the ability to be heir to the throne in a way that he wants to do it, which has allowed him to focus on helping people.


“With Catherine’s assistance, they have been able to pick out very important things and make a big change in people’s lives.

“It’s allowed him to focus on climate change, plastic pollution, homelessness and other causes that make him feel he is making a difference.”

During the trip Wills was branded a heart-throb and even compared to Pride and Prejudice’s Mr Darcy after being photographed while walking through the Hudson River in waders. 

Angela says it’s no surprise the royal has an army of fans as he is “incredibly down to earth” and “gives off a warmth that people feel when they talk to him”.


William wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and went into the Hudson River to raise awareness of an anti-pollution project[/caption]


Prince William paid his respect to members of the fire brigade who died tackling the blaze at the World Trade Centre on 9/11[/caption]

‘Not centre stage’

Angela believes part of William’s charm and appeal is that he is using his position to benefit others rather than trying to benefit himself.

He doesn’t try to be number one and instead focuses on “reaching out to people positively”. 


She says: “He’s like Queen Camilla, he believes he is in a position where he can do an awful lot to help people and not make it about him.

“Whereas with Harry and Meghan, it’s always ‘me, me, me’. Meghan always needs to be in control and in the front seat.

“The Sussexes constantly try to knock the Royal Family off the podium and feel the need to prove they can do things their way. 

“That approach makes everything all about them, which doesn’t work and people can see right through that.”


Down to earth

Angela says the fact William has experienced great hardship, with the breakdown of his parents’ marriage and losing his mother, and come through it all “without bitterness” has made him very understanding of people from all walks of life.

“Prince William is able to use his experiences to help others,” she says.

Angela believes William is proving himself as a global figure “in a natural context” by focusing on what he can do for others.

She says: “It’s rather old fashioned but it’s lovely to see.


“William and Kate are dedicated to their work for the country and have a sense of duty.”


Angela Levin says the public is drawn to William’s ‘natural warmth’[/caption]
September 21, 2023 at 07:45PM

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