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Pro cleaner shows the easiest way to clean a sofa without an upholstery steamer & the results are impressive but gross

A PROFESSIONAL cleaner has shared the best way to clean a sofa without a pricey steamer and the results are shocking. 

And the best part is all you will need is two products you probably already have in your home


A professional cleaner has shared the best way to clean a sofa without a pricey steamer and the results are shocking[/caption]


Vanessa uses just to ingredient for her sofa cleaning mixture and you probably already have them in your home[/caption]


Vanessa Amora shared the method in a TikTok video online. 

She said: “Hi, my name is Vanessa, and I’ve been a housekeeper for more than eight years, and I’m gonna show you how to clean your couch if you don’t have an upholstery cleaning machine.”

Vanessa says the first step is to add laundry detergent to a warm bucket of water and give it a little mix.

She said: “Let’s go. You’re gonna add a splash of detergent to some warm water.”


The cleaning pro says if you wish you can also add fabric softener but not too much just a few drops. 

She said: “And now, this is optional fabric softener. But if you do add something, only do about 5 drops, no more than that.”

“Now mix, mix, mix.”

As your main cleaning tool you’re going to use a microfiber cloth.


The cleaning fan said it best to use a white microfibre cloth so you can easily see how much dirt has come off your sofa.

She said: “And use white microfiber towels only.


You should be regularly wiping up and down your sofa, soaking the microfibre cloth in your cleaning solution often. 


Vanessa said: “Now, you’re gonna use this to wipe your couch, and you’re gonna see a big difference.

“Remember to rinse your towel as often as possible.

After cleaning her sofa Vanessa showed her followers just how dirty her sofa was after holding up a very dirty, no longer white, microfiber cloth. 

She said: “And look at this. Oh, my god. Ah!”


Vanessas’ video was viewed over 757,000 times and cleaning fans said they couldn’t wait to get started. 

One user said: “THANK YOU!!! This is the video I needed lol

Another said: “Thanks Vanessa can’t wait to try it out!!!

“This is what I needed,” claimed a third. 


September 22, 2023 at 11:19PM

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