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Rishi Sunak Becomes New Prime Minister of UK

Rishi Sunak has become new prime minister of UK.

Rishi Sunak will become British prime minister on Monday after other candidates quit the race to lead the Conservative Party, leaving him with the task of steering a deeply divided country through an economic downturn set to leave millions of people poorer.

Sunak, one of the wealthiest politicians in Westminster, will be asked to form a government by King Charles, replacing Liz Truss, the outgoing leader who only lasted 44 days in the job.

Rishi Sunak will now take over as prime minister at an extremely difficult moment for the economy.

We haven’t heard any detailed plans from him since the leadership campaign over the summer.

There will now be calls for him to provide clarity about how he intends to balance the books.

There will also be political pressure for a general election. Opposition parties want one and some Conservative MPs have said they think one is necessary now too.

But seven weeks after losing the Conservative leadership election, Rishi Sunak will now be handed the key to Downing Street.

He has a bulging and daunting in-tray.

Sunak becoming first British Asian PM would be a huge moment – Eastern Eye editor

It’s been widely discussed that if Rishi Sunak wins the Tory leadership contest, he’ll be the first British Asian prime minister.

Barnie Choudhury, editor at large at the Eastern Eye newspaper, has been speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live.

He says a victory for Sunak could be “a huge moment” for the South Asian community.

“Role models like Rishi Sunak will be viewed by South Asians who want to enter politics, and if Rishi Sunak were to become prime minister, glass ceilings would be utterly broken and that can only be a good thing for people of colour.”

But he warned that Sunak could face intense scrutiny, because “people of colour are held to a higher standard than people who are white”.

He also said Sunak could face accusations that “he is out of touch with reality, because of the privilege that he holds.”

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