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Shocking moment a huge RAT swipes food off the table at pub in front of horrified customers

THIS is the shocking moment a huge RAT brazenly steals food off a pub table in front of horrified customers.

The bold pest was spotted climbing over plates and swiping leftover chips before running into a flowerbed at The Mill on the Exe, in Exeter.

BPM Media/Bristol Live

The shocking moment a huge RAT brazenly steals food off a pub table[/caption]

BPM Media/Bristol Live

The bold pest was spotted climbing over plates and swiping leftover chips[/caption]


But, the daring rodent didn’t stop there and kept dashing back for more, before scurrying away again.

As reported by Devon Live, disgusted pubgoer Mark Baker complained about the rat to relevant authorities.

Additionally, he slammed the boozer online in scathing reviews on Tripadvisor.

Mark said: “I ate at the Mill on the Exe last week and there was a rat eating on the table next to mine.


“I contacted the St Austell office and felt the response was unacceptable.

“I have reported the issue to the Exeter City environmental health department and left feedback on Tripadvisor.

“They need to do something about this.”

In response to the concerning footage, Exeter City Council’s Environmental Health department is conducting regular inspections at the venue.


Meanwhile, St Austell Brewery, which owns the pub on Bonhay Road, admitted several of their riverside properties are also battling rat infestations.

However, they insisted measures have been put in place to bring the disconcerting situation under control.

A spokesperson for St Austell Brewery said: “We can confirm that Environmental Health are aware of this matter and are carrying out regular visits to monitor and assist with the situation, which is impacting riverside properties from the Weir down to the Quay, including the Mill on the Exe.

“We are working closely with Environmental Health and continuing to act on all advice.


“Last week, during their most recent visit to the area, they confirmed they were happy with the extensive measures we have put in place to help manage the situation that is affecting our external areas.

“We have been in touch with the guest and apologised for the impact this incident had on his experience, outlining the action we have and are continuing to take with support from local authorities.”

A spokesperson for Exeter City Council said: “All cases reported to the Environmental Health team are investigated as a matter of course, however we don’t comment on specific cases.”

This comes as other massive rats have been caught on camera.


One disgusting rodent was filmed hauling a Big Mac burger box over a busy road.

The hungry pest was spotted in Tankersley, South Yorkshire, and pulled a cardboard box roughly the same size as him.

Meanwhile, a retired pub boss plagued by rats in his garden captured one as big as a small dog.

Derek Blamire, 82, got wife Sylvia, 80, to take a snap of the dead border terrier-sized rat as he held it up with a litter picker.


Plus, a huge rodent was also filmed running around a window display in a Primark store.

The gigantic rat was filmed by stunned passers-by after they spotted it in the display in Bexleyheath, south London on Christmas Eve.


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