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Friday, December 1, 2023

The Sun tracks down WW2 concentration camp guard – the last Nazi likely to face justice over war crimes

THE Sun has tracked down the last Nazi likely to face justice.

Gregor Formanek, 98, was a guard at a concentration camp when 10,000 prisoners died during the Holocaust.


The Sun has tracked down the last Nazi likely to face justice, Gregor Formanek[/caption]


Formanek, 98, pictured with wife, was a guard at a concentration camp during the Holocaust[/caption]


He is accused of the “cruel and treacherous killing” of 3,300.

Formanek worked for the SS at the Sachsenhausen camp, in Oranienburg, 30 miles north of Berlin.

Set up in 1936, it was seen as a training ground for Hitler’s mass extermination.

Last night Rosalyn Peake, 66 — whose Jewish dad Leslie Kleinman was at the camp — said: “He only survived because he lied about being 14 instead of 16.”


Rosalyn, of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, added: “It is justice for me for Formanek to be named.

“And it’s vital for teaching future generations.”

Carmen Whitmore, 68 — whose uncle, Great Escape pilot Jimmy James, was held at Sachsenhausen — said: “It really is something significant if this man is one of the last Nazis ever to be convicted of World War Two crimes.”

The Sun found Formanek living in a £400,000 apartment in an unassuming suburb of Frankfurt.


His neighbours believed him to be a retired company manager.

Asked if he was a Nazi, Formanek insisted: “First, tell me who you are.”

His wife added: “Please don’t say he was an SS man so loudly here. Otherwise people will wonder what’s going on.”

More than 200,000 prisoners passed through Sachsenhausen — a labour camp with a gas chamber and labs for medical experiments.


Formanek has now been indicted by German prosecutors, accused of crimes between July 1943 and February 1945.

Three other Nazis have been investigated but are believed to be too infirm to stand trial.

Nazi–hunter Dr Efraim Zuroff, from The Simon Wiesenthal Centre, said: “The Sun is doing the right thing here.”

Formanek’s solicitor failed to respond to requests for comment.

Prisoners clear snow at the Sachsenhausen camp in 1941
Paul Popper

Prisoners in striped uniforms at the Sachsenhausen camp near Berlin, in December 1938[/caption]
September 25, 2023 at 01:50AM

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