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The UK airline with the cheapest snacks and booze onboard revealed

THE UK-based airline with the cheapest snacks and booze onboard has been revealed.

Travel experts at Radical Storage have reviewed more than 150 of the world’s biggest airlines and checked how much they charge for snacks and drinks.


The UK-based airline with the cheapest snacks and booze onboard was revealed[/caption]


Travel experts compared the in-flight food and drink options across 150 airlines[/caption]


TUI Airways had Europe’s cheapest snacks, the research found[/caption]

After comparing a selection of Pringles crisps, Coca-Cola and a single beer, turns out that TUI Airways, based out of London Luton, had Europe’s cheapest snacks.

Passengers would pay £1.63 for Pringles, £1.74 for Coca-Cola and £4.12 for a beer.

TUI just ranked behind Malaysia-based Air Asia, which took the win for most affordable options for snacks and drinks altogether.


People flying with Air Asia can get a can of Pringles for £1.40, Coca-Cola for £1.12, and a beer for £2.30.

Brit airline Jet2 ranked roughly in the middle of the table, with Pringles costing £2.17, Coca-Cola at £2.49 and a beer costing £5.10.

Outside of Europe and Asia, Air New Zealand, based in Auckland, offered the most affordable options in Oceania, the study found.

While TUI offers cheap meals, another UK airline has promised to make economy class passengers “feel like a million dollars” when they launch their services next year.


Global Airlines has acquired four Airbus A380s and is planning to launch flights between the London and America in spring 2024.

Although the airline promises to be low-cost, it’s also aiming to provide a better service than its competitors, according to the entrepreneur who launched the company.

James Asquith, 34, has promised passengers a “return to the golden age of flying”, claiming there’ll be better food and drink on offer, as well as a more luxurious experience overall.

He told the Times: “People are sick and tired of the service they get on current airlines. We will be better.”


Part of the airline’s classier offering will include Laurent-Perrier champagne, even for those flying in economy.

September 17, 2023 at 03:42AM

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