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UK: Boris Johnson faces pressure to resign, likely to lift COVID restrictions

LODDON, Jan 19 – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is fighting to bolster his position as prime minister on Wednesday amid the outrage of his angry lawmakers over a series of closed parties down Downing Street.

Encouraged by a career drive to “get Brexit done”, Johnson in 2019 won most of his party over 30 years but is now facing calls for his resignation following a series of revelations about parties on Downing Street – home and prime minister’s office – during the COVID closure.

Johnson has repeatedly apologized for the teams and said he did not know about many of them. However, he attended an event he said he thought was a May 20, 2020 event where lovers of fun were told to “bring their own alcohol”.

To begin the leadership challenge, 54 of the 360 ​​members of Parliament must write a letter of no confidence to the chairman of the 1922 party committee.

About 20 Conservative lawmakers who won their seats in the 2019 general election are planning to send a vote of no confidence in Johnson, reports the Telegraph. A handful of others have already written such letters.

“The 2019 Parliamentary Party has sent letters to try to reach the 54th frontier to start the race,” BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg tweeted. “They could hit 54.”

An analysis of The Times newspaper revealed that 58 Conservative lawmakers openly criticized the prime minister.

Toppling Johnson will leave the United Kingdom in limbo for months just as the West faces the crisis of Ukraine and the fifth largest country in the world facing inflation caused by the COVID epidemic, and inflation in the UK rises to an all-time high in 30 years.

Leading rivals within the Conservative Party include Exchequer Chancellor Rishi Sunak, 41, and Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, 46.

Johnson on Tuesday denied allegations by his former adviser that he had lied to parliament about the closed party, saying no one had warned him to “bring your own alcohol” could violate COVID-19 rules.

He left questions about whether he would resign if he appeared to be misleading Parliament, saying he only wanted to wait for the outcome of the internal investigation.

Johnson will address parliament on Wednesday after his Cabinet is expected to pass plans to end sanctions against the spread of COVID-19 in England.

Opposition leaders have accused Johnson of lying and asked him to step down.


Downing Street closure groups – some arrested where ordinary people could not say goodbye in person to dying relatives – undermined Johnson’s authority.

His former spokesman resigned after he was photographed laughing and joking on cameras about how he did the event when reporters asked him about it.

It was a riot on Downing Street at another party when workers went to a nearby supermarket to buy a suitcase of liquor, spilled wine on the mats, and broke the curve used by the prime minister’s son.

The Mirror said staff even bought a wine refrigerator for Friday’s gatherings, events that Johnson had always watched as he headed to his apartment building.

Johnson has provided various explanations for the parties, ranging from the objection that any laws have been violated to expressing an understanding of public outrage at the hypocrisy in the heart of the British state.

Opponents have demanded that Johnson resign, portraying him as a tyrant who wants the British people to follow some of the toughest laws in the history of the peacekeeping period when his staff split.

The latest plot was dubbed the “pig plot” because one of the alleged legislators was from Melton, the home of Melton Mowbray. Pork pie is also a London slang for lying.


The rise of Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, often referred to as “Boris”, to the prime minister was a milestone in his career as a reporter for the horror of TV drama, comedy and scandal on the Brexit disaster – and then at the forefront of the coronavirus epidemic.

If the Lockdown parties sink into that task, it will notice another unusual change in almost 12 years of the controversial Conservative Party law that included Brexit, a referendum on Scottish independence and an electoral roll.

A brilliant man known for his ambition, unruly blond hair, flowery oratory and an urgent order of details of policy, Johnson’s rise to power was all about Brexit.

But after receiving British withdrawal from the European Union, Johnson was hit by the COVID epidemic that killed 152,513 people in the United Kingdom. After surviving COVID-2020, he said it almost killed him.

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