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Friday, September 29, 2023

We’re renovating our house built in the ’50s – I still can’t believe the hidden treasure we found under the fireplace

AN old home has contained a hidden treasure much to the surprise of the people moving in.

The homeowner revealed the find, which was wedged underneath the fireplace.

TikTok/ stephaniekaye_

Stephanie Kaye is a digital content creator who shared her home renovation journey on TikTok[/caption]

She made an unexpected discovery of hidden treasure underneath the fireplace of her home
TikTok/ stephaniekaye_

Stephanie Kaye (@stephaniekaye_) filmed herself showing the discovery in a video on TikTok.


“We just purchased a house. It was built in the 1950s. We are doing a major renovation. Just started in the living room.

“I still can’t believe what we found following the gas line. Look at the mouse trap.

“OK what’s back there, though? What does that look like? What do you? Where do you get that from?” she said.

Her partner found several items, including an envelope underneath the fireplace.


Opening the envelope revealed a hefty wad of $100 bills.

“That right there, is that money?” she asked.

“That’s money,” her partner replied. “And it’s a lot of money.”

The video drew in many viewers who shared their thoughts in the comment section.


“Old house but newer mint hundreds? Those bills weren’t around even in 80s,” one wrote.

“Those came out about 10 years ago,” Stephanie replied. “The previous owner passed two years ago . I didn’t say it was vacant for decades.”

“Happy to hear you contacted previous owner. Morals mean a lot,” another added.

“They’ve been so wonderful to us,” Stephanie wrote back.


“Congrats,” a third chimed in. “How much?”

“Thank you so much. $2,300,” Stephanie responded.

An envelope containing wads of cash totaling to $2,300 was discovered underneath the fireplace
TikTok/ stephaniekaye_

September 18, 2023 at 01:50AM

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