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You can spend the night in a converted British Army tank for £70 a night – and it’s near the beach

YOU can spend the night in a real British Army tank which has been converted into a two-bed glamping hut.

Once a working vehicle, the FV104 Samaritan was used from 1976.

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You can spend the night in a converted army tank in the UK[/caption]

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Inside is a double bed as well as a hob and WiFI[/caption]

mediadrumworld/Host Unusual

Two can sleep there, although there is a separate area for extra guests[/caption]

It was an armoured ambulance in the UK that transported up to six injured soldiers and civilians to safety.

Now, it is a much fancier affair, with underfloor heating and a Smart TV with a built-in DVD player.

Located next to a lake in Friskney, Lincolnshire, the tank has a double bed along with an electric hob and WiFi.


A fire pit and barbecue are also included, so you can cook your own meals.

While it sleeps two, there is a log pod for two extra guests also situated near the tank.

Her restoration began after the owners wanted to create a truly reverent restoration by using the services of several experts, including a local blacksmith.

An original frame attached to the back of the tank pulls out to become an awning with seating and lakeside views.


The tank door has also been reconstructed to contain both a fridge and a wine-rack, for ease of access to take a bottle or two to the picturesque lakeside view.

It’s just seven miles from the seaside town of Skegness, so you can be on the famous beach in just minutes.

Also nearby is a wildlife park and historic sites, as well as local pubs and restaurants if you don’t fancy cooking.

The tank starts from £70 a night, which can be found on the Host Unusual website.


Another army tank has been converted into an overnight stay property, this time in Cornwall.

Or you can spend the night in a converted army helicopter for £28pp a night.

And a helicopter once used by Prince William has also been converted, and is open to the public to stay.

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The army tank costs £70 a night to stay[/caption]
September 13, 2023 at 07:33PM

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