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Trump denies rape claim, calls it ‘ridiculous’ and ‘disgusting’

4 May: Trump denies rape claim in video deposition, calls it ‘ridiculous’ and ‘disgusting’ Former US president Donald Trump has vehemently denied the allegations of...

Biden’s team defended the US exit from Afghanistan in a report to Congress

7 April: The White House has released a declassified summary of a report to Congress on the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, claiming that it...

How New York City Turned Against Donald Trump

2 April: Donald Trump has always been a New York icon. His name was everywhere in the city: on the newspapers, on the buildings,...

USA to send Opposition leader Trump to Jail – Signs of a failed Democracy

USA has been a preacher of democracy for a very long time, despite having potholes in it's own democracy. In many countries around the...

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