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Arrested general asks investigators to open treason case

Ivan Popov’s lawyer has claimed leaked secret documents regarding his client were provided to Ukraine by unnamed Russian citizens

Russian investigators are examining accusations of treason based on an alleged leak of classified data to Ukraine in the case of Russian Major General Ivan Popov, his lawyer, Sergey Buinovsky has said.

The former commander of the 58th Army, who was arrested in Russia on charges of large-scale fraud, claims unnamed fellow citizens provided confidential documents to Ukraine. The information was allegedly used by Kiev to launch its own probe against Popov, accusing the Russian general of waging an “aggressive war” and putting him on a wanted list.

“Currently, investigators are conducting an investigation into these facts, the results of which will be known according to procedural deadlines,” Buinovsky told TASS on Thursday.

The lawyer has appealed to Russian investigators to open a case against employees of Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) and the Kharkov Regional Prosecutor’s Office for illegally bringing charges against Popov. Buinovsky claimed that the information published by Kharkov prosecutors contains classified Russian data. “Somehow secret documents became publicly available. Or it’s espionage,” Buinovsky suggested.

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FILE PHOTO: General Ivan Popov.
Russian general arrested in fraud probe

Popov was arrested in May on charges of fraud involving construction materials for military fortifications in Zaporozhye Region. According to prosecutors, the alleged fraud involved 1,700 tons of steel purchased by the military administration of the region to construct defensive positions along the front line, in preparation to meet the 2023 Ukrainian offensive.

An unnamed businessman from Krasnodar Region allegedly sold the materials elsewhere, defrauding the government of more than 100 million rubles ($1.1 million).

In addition to fraud, Popov was charged on Thursday with forgery.

Popov commanded the 58th Guards Combined Arms Army, which defended the section of the Zaporozhye front centered on Rabotino, the town that turned out to be the focal point of the Ukrainian drive. He was relieved of command in July last year.

July 04, 2024 at 08:45PM

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