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EU country’s ruling party fights ‘anglomania’

The Italian government is considering a ban on the use of foreign words in official communications

A group of legislators from the ruling Brothers of Italy party has proposed banning the use of foreign words and terms in public administration, schools, and universities.

The bill was introduced on Friday by Fabio Rampelli, the vice president of the Chamber of Deputies, the lower house of Italy’s parliament, and endorsed by more than 20 MPs. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s name was listed among those backing the bill.

The draft seeks to make Italian mandatory “for the promotion of goods and public services on national territory,” and would introduce fines between €5,000 ($5,435) and €100,000 ($108,705). The legislation would also apply to public-owned entities, such as national broadcaster Rai.

According to an accompanying note, the bill aims to stop the spread of foreign terms and The document states that, since 2000, the number of English words that have entered the written language has increased by more than 770%. It adds that the growing use of these words “demeans and mortifies” the national language, and that “anglomania … has repercussions for society as a whole.”

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“First, citizens have the right of understanding. Otherwise, there is no democracy. Second, it is clear that the process of globalization puts native languages at risk almost everywhere,” Rampelli told Corriere della Sera daily on Sunday.

The bill was mocked and criticized by the opposition. “What is the next step, Mr. Rampelli? … To cancel [the words] ‘streaming’ and ‘downloading’?” Benedetto Della Vedova, the leader of the Forza Europa party, said.

April 02, 2023 at 04:32PM

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