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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

EU facing ‘huge shortage’ of ammunition – media

The Israel-Palestine crisis has increased the strain on Western arming of Ukraine, Foreign Policy magazine has reported

The war between Israel and Palestinian militant movement Hamas will divert Western attention and resources away from Ukraine, meaning more uncertainty for Kiev, according to Foreign Policy magazine.

Ukraine was already enduring issues with receiving additional weapons and funding for its counteroffensive against Russia, even before the surprise escalation of violence in the Middle East on Saturday. European nations in particular have found their armories and political willpower stretched thin, Foreign Policy reported on Monday.

“We face a huge ammo shortage due to Ukraine,” a German official told the outlet on condition of anonymity.


Kiev has enjoyed unprecedented Western assistance against Russia, but its failure to achieve significant gains during the summer counteroffensive and political turmoil in the US appear to have placed it on the backfoot. Last month, the US Congress declined to include aid for Ukraine in a 45-day stopgap spending bill under pressure from Republican lawmakers.

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Share prices of Western military contractors shoot up after Israel violence

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has attempted to link Israel’s situation with the needs of his own nation. He claimed this week that Ukraine has “clear” intelligence that Russia “is interested in triggering a war in the Middle East” to “undermine world unity” and “destroy freedom in Europe.” He offered no proof of the allegations.

In its report, titled ‘What will Russia do with Gaza chaos?’, Foreign Policy acknowledged there was no sign of Russian involvement in or prior knowledge of the deadly Hamas incursion into Israel.


Russia and Israel have a long-standing amicable relationship, with both sides recognizing each other’s security concerns and the complexities of their respective positions.

Moscow has mocked Zelensky’s attempt to control the narrative regarding the Israel crisis. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova suggested that the intelligence he was citing had given the Ukrainian leader “the best kick he had in a long time.” Zakharova also noted that Zelensky had traded his customary military-style green turtleneck for a black one during his video address.

“Alles. The ‘liberal fuhrer’ look is no longer trending,” she wrote on social media. “Or is the camo at the cleaner’s? Love those ‘tail wags dogs’ publicity stunts.”

READ MORE: White House hopes to merge Ukraine and Israeli aid – media


Washington has pledged military support for Israel as it retaliates against Gaza, claiming it can do so without compromising assistance for Ukraine or its global readiness. The White House is reportedly seeking to include Ukraine in an aid package for Israel to push it through Congress.

October 10, 2023 at 04:26PM

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