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Fighting fit: Russian tennis starlet Potapova impresses fans as she swaps racket for boxing gloves (VIDEO)

The 2021 tennis season is over but Russian ace Anastasia Potapova is already gearing up for next year with a novel workout as the young star makes sure she stays in shape.
Former junior world number one Potapova, 20, recently shared photos of her post-season break in Mexico, delighting followers on social media with a series of sun-kissed poses.



The Saratov-born star ended the year at number 69 in the WTA rankings after racking up more than $500,000 in annual prize money, while her best run at a Grand Slam was the third round she achieved in Melbourne at the start of the year.




She will aim to build on that in 2022 and in the meantime has swapped a tennis racket for a set of boxing gloves as she showed off some padwork in a clip shared with her Instagram following.

The former Wimbledon junior queen is seen delivering a series of punches and kicks, at one point ducking a move from her trainer.


“My type of workout,” wrote the blonde star in the clip, which was tagged as being filmed in Dubai. 

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The official Russian Tennis Federation account posted a series of ‘shocked’ emojis, while one fan wrote: “Nastya’s preparing for the UFC.”

“Are you in the next James Bond film?” asked another admirer, while others posted a series of flame emojis.

“Class,” read another comment.



Potapova was last in action at the Transylvania Open at the end of October, where she bowed out in the round of 32.

However, based on current evidence the Russian starlet is in fighting form heading into 2022 as she seeks a first WTA tour win.

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