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Freak storm hits Moscow (VIDEOS)

The Russian capital was hit by high winds and heavy rainfall that turned streets into rivers

Moscow was hit by heavy rain and strong winds on Thursday, which caused flash flooding in some parts of the city. A number of trees were felled and structures damaged, while a lightning strike even sparked a minor fire at a church.

In the span of just an hour, parts of Russia’s capital were subjected to some 30% of the monthly average rainfall total, according to the city’s public services department.


Streets across the city turned into rivers, as storm drains were overwhelmed.

The strong winds toppled numerous trees, footage circulating online shows. Debris and fallen trees damaged multiple cars across the metropolis.

At least one residential building in central Moscow partially lost its roofing, with the wreckage reportedly landing on a parked vehicle.

Lighting struck a late 18th century church in central Moscow, causing a minor fire. Footage from the scene shows smoke emitting from the dome.


The blaze, however, was promptly extinguished by emergency services.

The inclement weather also briefly disrupted operations of the Moscow metro system, one of the largest in the world. It affected both overground lines, which in some cases were blocked by fallen trees, while the entrances to some underground stations saw light flooding.

Some Muscovites, however, seemed to have found a way to enjoy the tempest. Footage circulating online shows a naked man having climbed out onto the roof of a building in order to, apparently, get a better feel of the storm that hit the city.

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