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God gave me ability to see into the future – Central Asian state’s president

Kyrgyzstan’s leader, Sadyr Japarov, has claimed he can predict what will happen to the nation in two or three decades

The president of a Central Asian nation of Kyrgyzstan, Sadyr Japarov, has claimed he can foresee the nation’s future for decades to come. He made such a statement on Friday, roughly a week after opening a high school for talented children, who he said should be trained to predict and define Kyrgyzstan’s future for a century.

“I have this [ability]: to see what will happen to our nation in 20 or 30 years and what path it will follow,” the 54-year-old claimed in an interview to a local news agency in the wake of the opening ceremony. “I must have been granted this feeling by the God,” he said, adding that “it should not look as if I was boasting.” The president then claimed that “anyone” possesses similar abilities and could potentially predict the future simply by observing the events happening right now.

The president then criticized the existing public officials’ recruitment system by stating that Kyrgyzstan has foregone on a professional training system after gaining independence from the Soviet Union and essentially opted for nepotism instead.


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The nation will now start training new cadres “from the very beginning,” the president said, adding that “only then … they will be able to predict the future of Kyrgyzstan for a century to come and define this future.”

The presidential high school opened by Japarov in late August is expected to host 400 students that would be admitted on the basis of a nationwide yearly competition. They would be able to take part in the competition after six years of regular studies. Only 75 students have been accepted to the school for the upcoming academic year.

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