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‘Idiot’ greens made EU dependent on Russian energy – Le Pen

Paris also made a “geopolitical mistake” when it supported the EU sanctions against Russia, the politician believes

Marine Le Pen, the leader of the right-wing National Rally parliamentary group, has harshly criticized France’s support of anti-Russia sanctions, branding such a stance a major “geopolitical mistake.” She also called out the “idiots” supporting a green agenda, naming them the real culprits behind the EU’s dependency on Russian fossil fuels.

“The European Union sees its promises of prosperity and peace sinking in its economic, energy and geopolitical mistakes,” Le Pen said on Sunday at the party’s meeting in the southern French town of Adge.

Paris has been “swept along by the European Union crazed by the war in Ukraine into adopting inappropriate and thoughtless sanctions,” she added.


The opposition politician, who scored second in the recent presidential race, accused green politicians in general, singling out German ones in particular, of leading the whole EU into the ongoing energy crisis with their agenda. The energy crisis is largely a result of abandoning other sources of energy, namely nuclear power for the sake of ‘green’ ideas, Le Pen suggested.

If anyone is responsible for our dependence on Russia, it is the idiots and the naive who bet on wind and solar power.

Le Pen has repeatedly criticized the French government stance on the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine and the route of sanctions it has been sticking to. Late in August, Le Pen accused Emmanuel Macron of “lying” about the roots of the economic crisis, after the French president warned of an impending “end of abundance.”

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“The economic crisis that has hit France does not date from this summer. It does not date from the war in Ukraine. Emmanuel Macron lied by hiding the truth from the French and now he announces austerity. Many measures must be taken to protect the French,” Le Pen said in a social media post at the time.

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