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Inaugural Taiwan-Poland hydrogen energy meeting held

Subsequent to the Taiwan-Poland Memorandum of Cooperation on the Establishment of the Taiwan-Poland Hydrogen Energy Cooperation Working Group in 2023, on April 16, the first Taiwan-Poland Hydrogen Energy Working Group Meeting was held in videoconference format. The meeting was chaired by Ministry of Economic Affairs Deputy Director-General of the Energy Administration, Wu Chih-wei, and Polish Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment, Marek Popiołek. 

Extensive exchanges on hydrogen energy policy and technology, hydrogen energy carbon reduction applications and hydrogen refueling stations were discussed with a view to exploring substantial future cooperation.

Poland announced its hydrogen strategy in 2021, outlining the use of hydrogen energy for power, heating supply, transportation and industrial sectors to enable the country to achieve carbon reduction while maintaining industrial competition. Taiwan also proposed its Pathway to Net-Zero Emissions in 2050 in 2022, which included the use of hydrogen energy as one of its 12 key strategies.

Participants from Taiwan included members of the MOEA’s Hydrogen Promotion Taskforce and in opening remarks, Wu said the meeting was vital for hydrogen energy exchanges and cooperation and would promote deeper discussion on research, development and applications for hydrogen energy technology, as well as storage solutions. 

During the meeting, the EA gave updates on hydrogen energy development, the Department of Industrial Technology shared advancements in hydrogen fuel cell systems for vehicles and the Industrial Technology Research Institute outlined progress in hydrogen production through water electrolysis. State-owned energy enterprise, CPC Corporation Taiwan, introduced its mobile hydrogen refueling station demonstration project.

Both Taiwan and Poland emphasized that a strong foundation for exchanges has been laid at the meeting. There was a high degree of consensus on the benefits of use of hydrogen in industry and power generation to help achieve the goal of net-zero carbon reduction. (POC-E)

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