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Jake Paul brutally KOs Tyron Woodley in rematch (VIDEO)

Jake Paul produced a vicious one-punch knockout of Tyron Woodley in their rematch in Florida as the former Disney star further burnished his boxing credentials.

After a bout characterized by frustrating bouts of clinching between the two, Paul landed the decisive shot in sixth round, hammering Woodley out cold with a huge right hand which sent the former UFC champion face-first onto the canvas.

The nature of the win and the opposition it comes against surely makes it the biggest of Paul’s nascent boxing career as the YouTuber moved to 5-0 in his career.

For ex-UFC welterweight champion Woodley it means conceding bragging rights to Paul yet again, having lost their first bout via a contentious split decision back in August. Also Read: Prosecutor reveals who may be charged in Alec Baldwin on-set

This time the ending was far more emphatic and Paull who had looked to be tiring in the bout, landed cleanly with 50 seconds remaining inside the sixth round of the eight scheduled in Tampa, Florida.


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