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Key Russian ally comments on Putin’s nuclear plans

If even one country uses nukes it could be “the end of our planet,” the Belarusian president said

Russian President Vladimir Putin has never sought to deploy nuclear weapons in Ukraine, his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko told a US outlet on Friday, while at the same time warning the West against attempting to back Moscow into a corner.

Speaking to NBC News on the sidelines of the Central Asia – Russia summit in Astana, Kazakhstan, the Belarusian leader was asked to comment on whether Moscow could resort to the nuclear option in the conflict with Kiev. Lukashenko categorically dismissed the notion.

The Russian leadership, including President Putin, has never set an objective of using nuclear weapons in Ukraine. There is no such need,” he noted.


Lukashenko went on to say that the “most important thing” is to “not back your opponent into a corner,” urging the West not to cross Russia’s “red lines.” He also offered a reminder that Moscow had made it clear that it could resort to using “all means necessary” to defend itself if Russian territory was attacked.

According to the Belarusian leader, Russia has other weapons powerful enough that it does not need to use nukes in Ukraine. He pointed to recent Russian strikes on Kiev’s military and energy infrastructure, which he said came in response to last week’s deadly attack on the strategically important Crimean Bridge.

Russia possesses, and that I know for sure, the most modern types of weapons. There is no need for nuclear weapons,” Lukashenko said, adding that nuclear war should not be discussed “under any circumstances.”

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Even if one nation uses nuclear weapons, this would be the end of our planet. It will cause a chain reaction,” he said, adding that Russia understands that very well.

Lukashenko’s comments come after Putin signaled last month that Moscow would use “all means” necessary to defend Russia and its people if its territorial integrity is threatened. He also noted that those who use nuclear blackmail against Russia “should know that the wind rose can turn around.

The Kremlin has also repeatedly warned that an atomic war should never be fought. Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu in August made it clear that Moscow is not considering a nuclear strike on Ukraine, given that there are no targets warranting such drastic measures.

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