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Kiev “emanates” threat to Russia’s existence – Medvedev

Russia will have to deal with it sooner or later, the former president told reporters

Russia will have to keep fighting Ukraine until it takes its capital Kiev, since it “emanates threat” to it, Dmitry Medvedev, currently deputy head of Russia’s National Security Council has said. The capital has “Russian roots”, but is currently taken over by enemies of the country, led by the US, according to the former president.

The remarks were extracts from an interview that Medvedev gave to Russian media, which he shared on social media on Thursday.

”Where should we stop? I don’t know,” he said in one of the clips, adding that a lot of “serious work” was lying ahead.

”Will that be Kiev? Probably. This should be Kiev too. If not now, then sometime later. There are two reasons. Kiev is a Russian city, and a threat to the existence of the Russian Federation emanates from it,” he said.

Medvedev identified the source of the threat as an “international brigade of the opponents of Russia, led by the US,” who he claimed are in control of Kiev.

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In a separate video, Medvedev addressed the southern Ukrainian port of Odessa, urging it to “return home.”

“We in the Russian Federation have long been waiting for Odessa, if only because of its history and what kind of people live there and what language they speak. It is our Russian city,” he claimed.

February 22, 2024 at 01:03PM

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