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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Major international exhibition to open in Moscow

Visitors can explore everything from Russia’s top technological innovations to the vast diversity of its regional cultures

Russia will host a major international exhibition aimed at showcasing the nation’s top technological breakthroughs and will serve as a business forum for domestic and international entrepreneurs. The forum, held in Moscow, will also offer visitors a glimpse of the diversity of Russia’s regions and the cultures of people living there.

The six-month-long ‘Russia’ exhibition is scheduled to open on Russia’s Unity Day, November 4, 2023. The first part, which will run until mid-January, will be dedicated to Russia’s regions, with each territory demonstrating its culture and tourism potential, with unique entertainment for visitors.

Hosted by the national exhibition center, VDNKh, located in the northeast of the capital, the exhibition will occupy a whopping 90,000 square meters and involve a total of almost 130 exhibition venues. VDNKh will have 12 new facilities built specially for the marathon event, according to its organizers.


Each participant, be it a region or a company, will have access to highly interactive exhibition spaces, sometimes as big as 100 square meters. Various digital experiences will be offered, ranging from paddle boarding down one of Russia’s largest rivers – the Yenisey – to visiting the best vineyards and cheese-making farms of Russia’s southern Krasnodar Region, or snowboarding down the Caucasus mountains, all without leaving the exhibition premises.

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Between January and February, the exhibition will focus on the Russian economy and serve as a forum for various entrepreneurs and businesspeople, as well as demonstrating some key technological achievements by Russian industries. This will be followed by the ‘Forum of National Achievements’ showcasing breakthroughs in various fields.

The exhibition will also include a gastronomical festival, workshops for children and adults and master classes, with more than 5,500 speakers. All 89 Russian regions as well as various companies and non-profit organizations are expected to take part in the free-admission event.


October 17, 2023 at 11:40PM

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