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Hurricane Ian Moves Across Florida After Powerful Landfall

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Hurricane Ian Swamps Southwest Florida

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Biden Convenes First White House Hunger Conference in Decades

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Mark Hamill did a German parody of himself as Luke Skywalker

Mark Hamill has responded to a resurfaced German ‘Star Wars’ TV special in which Luke Skywalker sings a song and speaks a few lines of German.

In a Twitter response to the posting of the original video, believed to have been filmed sometime around 1980, Hamill explained that the bizarre special was something he had initially not wanted to do but later reconsidered, thinking no one outside of Germany would ever see it. But, of course, then came the internet.

In the special, Hamill can be seen dressed in a gold jumpsuit, sitting on a crescent moon, and emoting and singing along to the song being performed by the show’s host. He then climbs aboard an A-Wing starship and has a ‘happy ending’ with Miss Berlin. The clip ends with a shot of Darth Vader playing the ‘Wedding March’ on a trumpet.

While Hamill didn’t seem to be too thrilled at the resurgence of the video, most fans seem to be loving it. 

However, it’s not the first time an old ‘Star Wars’ feature has resurfaced. The 1978 ‘Star Wars Holiday Special’, which was aired just once, tells the story of how Chewbacca tries to get home to his wife Malla, son Lumpy and father Itchy on time to celebrate ‘Life Day.’ The special also featured several musical performances from the likes of Jefferson Starship and Bea Arthur, as well as comedy sketches, a cooking show and an animated segment featuring Boba Fett.

For a long time, the special was only distributed through bootleg recording of the original broadcast, but eventually grew to become a cult classic among ‘Star Wars’ fans. In 2021, Disney added the feature to its streaming service Disney+. While some fans have grown to admire it, the show has become infamous for its surprisingly low-cost production, awkward performances, questionable writing, and bizarre segments – and even the ‘Star Wars’ cast themselves seem to wish it had never existed. 

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