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Military personnel vital to peace and stability, president says

President Lai Ching-te emphasized that as Taiwan is situated in a key location in the first island chain, the country holds an important strategic position relevant to peace and stability across the Strait, which in turn are indispensable to global security and prosperity.

Lai made the remarks during a recent visit to military personnel prior to a three-day training course July 9-11 that comprises elements of patriotism, esprit de corps, and the importance of the national defense body at the Ching Chuan Kang Air Force Base in the central city of Taichung. 

The president said that the course takes place prior to the Han Kuang defense exercises and as commander-in-chief of the military he wanted to listen to military opinions and requirements and by showing support in this way, both the country’s citizens and the global community would see the determination to protect the nation. 

The president said that Taiwan is a peace-loving country and has always been persistent in its pursuit of peace, while adding that its basis is defense capability. Lai further mentioned the importance of asymmetrical warfare tactics, as the number of military personnel and quantity of equipment alone does not represent military might.

Lai said that his National Project of Hope recognized strengthened national defense and asymmetric capability as one of the four pillars of a peaceful and prosperous country. In addition, he drew attention to the need for security vigilance for military personnel in view of China’s use of cyber warfare.

The president also recently attended the joint armed forces graduation ceremony at the Republic of China Naval Academy in the southern city of Kaohsiung’s Zuoying district, as well as visiting Republic of China (Taiwan) Armed Forces Chenggong Ridge training base in the central city of Taichung where he watched recruits being put through their paces. (POC-E)

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