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MOFA thanks Luxembourg for supporting Taiwan

A motion passed April 24 by the Luxembourg parliament which urged its government to support Taiwan’s participation in international organizations is sincerely appreciated by the government and people, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The friendly motion supported Taiwan’s participation in the World Health Organization and World Health Assembly as an observer and gained cross-party backing in parliament.

The motion also stated that peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region is in the interests of both Luxembourg and the European Union and thus urged the government to maintain the status quo across the Taiwan Strait.

The motion contained an appeal to the Luxembourg administration to support the EU in deepening economic and trade cooperation with Taiwan. Additionally, it also urged the Luxembourg administration itself to continue strengthening exchange with Taiwan in areas spanning culture, economy, education, public health and science, the ministry added.

The motion followed a successful May 2022 proposal to reinforce relations with Taiwan in culture, economy and science, underscoring the country’s recognition of Taiwan’s positive role in the international community, as well as its strong endorsement of deepening bilateral links.

The MOFA said that the two countries are like-minded partners who share mutual values of democracy, freedom and human rights, and vowed to work with the European partner across the board to create sustainable prosperity and welfare for people in both nations. (POC-E)

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