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Most Americans believe Washington too generous to foreign partners – Rasmussen

Some 57% believe the US is spending “too much” on foreign aid, a new survey has shown

Around a half of US voters believe that their country is needlessly wasting taxpayer dollars on supporting its foreign partners such as Israel and Ukraine, a new Rasmussen Reports poll has found.

Overall, some 57% of respondents said that the US government is spending “too much” on foreign aid in general, according to a survey of 1,126 likely voters conducted on April 16-18.

President Joe Biden signed a new $95 billion funding package on Wednesday, under which Ukraine is slated to receive $48bn in weapons and other assistance while another $23bn will be used to replenish the Pentagon’s depleted stocks.

Even before the latest bonanza cleared procedural hurdles, some 47% said it was “too much,” while around 20% wanted Washington to spend even more cash.

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U.S. President Joe Biden.
Biden signs $95 bn foreign military spending bill

As for US aid to Israel, some 49% of respondents said that $14 billion intended for West Jerusalem as part of the new package was either “about right” or “not enough.”

A CBS News/YouGov survey, conducted earlier this month also showed waning public support for continuing to send weapons to Kiev. Just 53% of US adults believe their government should give military aid to Ukraine, down from 72% two years ago.

Support for Ukraine aid was highest (72%) among Americans who believe the US has a “responsibility to promote democracy” across the world, that poll showed. Among those who see no such obligation for their country, only 28% believe Washington should give military aid to Ukraine.

April 25, 2024 at 04:50AM

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