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New train site boosts Tainan tourism

Vice Premier Cheng Wen-tsan said the Oiran Train Scenic Park highlights Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation’s commitment to preserving railway culture, enriching the travel industry and facilitating international exchange.

Cheng made the remarks during an opening ceremony Dec. 22 in the southern city of Tainan. The vice premier further praised Taipei City-headquartered THSRC, operator of the park, for its safe, punctual and friendly service, adding that it has become the most important and convenient mode of transportation for both business travel and sightseeing trips.

Cheng pointed out that the namesake and centerpiece of the scenic park, the 0 series “Oiran” train car, was brought to Taiwan as a track testing and surveying vehicle when the THSR was under construction. He added that the vehicle on display is one of only two 0 series trains outside of Japan.

The vice premier concluded by expressing appreciation to THSRC for its preservation of numerous cultural relics from the line’s construction and operation, saying that the scenic park was a perfect introduction to Taiwan’s rail travel and an excellent jumping-off point for travelers who wished to incorporate the adventure of bicycle tourism and the environmental consciousness of rail travel. (POC-E)


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