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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Nuclear war won’t happen – top Russian shaman

Kara-ool Dopchun-oo has said peace negotiations are the only way forward

The supreme shaman of Russia, Kara-ool Dopchun-oo, has predicted that there will be no nuclear war, but has warned that the West must “come to its senses” and realize it cannot defeat Moscow.    

During a visit to the Russian capital on Thursday, the head of the Kyzyl ‘Adyg-Eeren’ (Spirit of the Bear) shaman organization told RIA Novosti that if a foreign nation resorts to the use of nuclear weapons, then “Russian nuclear weapons will cover the whole world.”  

“Therefore, they are afraid, and only negotiations and a peace treaty are needed. Peaceful negotiations, if those countries wish,” Dopchun-oo said. He further claimed that the West needs to understand that it is “impossible” to defeat Russia.  


Regarding the Ukraine conflict, the shaman suggested that the Ukrainian people should realize that those who are currently in power in Kiev are their real enemies.  

“Ukrainian leaders are prolonging the war by force, asking for money and weapons from other countries. If the Ukrainian people understand that [President Vladimir] Zelensky is the enemy of the Ukrainian people, if there is a choice to remove him next year and a new person comes, everything will stop,” the shaman predicted.  

He added that peace and friendship are always necessary, and that Russians and Ukrainians – whom he described as brotherly people – should better understand each other and develop better ties because “the people of the world are waiting.”  

“We must end the war as soon as possible, we must look for a way out,” Dopchun-oo stressed. 


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A French nuclear weapons test in Mururoa, French Polynesia, January 1, 1970
NATO website calls for nuclear war preparation

NATO, meanwhile, has published an article by retired American defense official Gregory Weaver, who called on the West to embrace nuclear war and prepare to fight and win a limited nuclear conflict against Russia. 

The former nuclear and missile defense adviser to the Joint Chiefs of Staff also suggested that the US should move “more deep precision strike capabilities” to Europe and boost its nuclear capabilities on the continent, while NATO should form “several modern armored divisions” in the Baltic states and Eastern Europe.   

Speaking at the UN General Assembly in New York last month, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned that Western leaders have become so obsessed with inflicting a “strategic defeat” on Russia that they have lost their “sense of self-preservation.”


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