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Orban and Putin discuss ‘shortest way out’ of Ukraine conflict

Ukrainian and Russian positions, however, remain far apart, the visiting Hungarian PM has admitted

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday hosted Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who surprised many with his visit to Moscow.

The talks revolved around issues such as the Ukrainian conflict, with the two leaders discussing the “shortest way out” of it, Orban revealed during a joint press conference with Putin following the closed-doors negotiations.

Moscow’s and Kiev’s positions remain very “far apart,” Hungary’s PM admitted, citing his recent trip to Kiev to meet the Ukrainian leadership.

“A lot of steps have to be taken to get closer to a resolution of the war. Still, we’ve already taken the most important step—establishing the contact, and I will continue to work on this in the future,” Orban stated.

The enduring conflict between Russia and Ukraine is affecting the broader European region, Orban noted, adding that the continent has enjoyed the most rapid and sustainable development only during peacetime.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin
Putin calls for ‘complete end’ to Ukraine conflict

“As I’ve already told Mr President, Europe needs peace. Yet this peace will not emerge by itself, we must work to reach it,” the visiting premier said.

The Russian president has reiterated Moscow’s readiness to resolve the hostility through negotiations. The Ukrainian leadership, however, appears to be still incapable of abandoning its idea of waging a war “until the end,” Putin noted.

Moscow is seeking to reach lasting, sustainable peace rather than opting for a temporary ceasefire or a “frozen conflict” of any sort, the Russian president warned.

There should not be a “ceasefire or some kind of pause that the Kiev regime could use to recover losses, regroup, and rearm. Russia is in favor of a complete and final end to the conflict,” he stressed.

July 05, 2024 at 08:06PM

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