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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Putin takes Russian presidential oath: Live updates

The inauguration ceremony, attended by dozens of dignitaries and distinguished guests, is being held at the Grand Kremlin Palace

Russian President-elect Vladimir Putin is set to take the oath of office at a ceremony at the Kremlin in Moscow on Tuesday, after securing his fifth term in the highest office with a record 87.28% of the vote in March.

The inauguration ceremony is being held at the Kremlin Grand Palace, a 19th-century building that towers over the Kremlin walls, and has served as the centerpiece during official receptions for Russian leaders from Nicholas II to Joseph Stalin, to the president.

Dozens of dignitaries, including senior officials from parliament and the constitutional court, as well as the heads of all foreign diplomatic missions accredited in Moscow – including those from ‘unfriendly states’ – were invited as required by protocol. Other distinguished guests received invitations for holding high merits or representing major religions in Russia.

After taking the 33-word oath to serve the Russian people, which is enshrined in the country’s constitution, Putin will be officially declared the president of Russia for the next six years.

May 07, 2024 at 10:49AM

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