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‘Rock bottom for broadcasting’: Criticism as NFL player seen shaking violently after injury (VIDEO)

NFL player Donald Parham Jr, who left his team’s last game on a stretcher, has provided an update on his condition as broadcasters were blasted for their coverage of the incident.

Parham Jr was carted off during a home clash between his Los Angeles Chargers and the Kansas City Chiefs, which the visitors won 34-28.

Taking to Instagram, the tight end was in good spirits captioned a photo of him giving a thumbs up by saying: “I’m all good everybody.”

“You know can’t nothing hold a real one down!,” the 24-year-old added.


“But I appreciate all the love and support from everyone….”

“It means so much to me and my family to know so many people are thinking about me and my well-being.”

The incident occurred when Parham almost caught a five-yard pass from quarterback Justin Herbert on fourth-and-goal while lingering in the back of the end zone.

However, the second-year rookie dropped the pigskin and ended up slamming the back of his head into the turf.

A camera zoomed in on his face to show Parham’s eyes closed and mouth open, and as a fellow Charger attempted to move his left arm, it appeared to be bent. 

While trainers and medical staff removed his facemask and put him on a stretcher, Parham’s arms were shaking as he left the field, which caused concern from both teams and onlookers. 

“It’s the tough side of pro sports,” said Chargers coach Brandon Staley afterwards.

“Any time you see that live and are close to it, it impacts you. But then at the same time, you know, we’re trying to play for him the rest of the way, and that’s what our guys did tonight, they laid it on the line and played a whale of a game for him.”

Yet while Parham was reported as being in a stable condition on Friday and undergoing tests for head injuries, broadcasters have been widely-blasted for their coverage of the incident and the speculation of some pundits thought to be in ill taste.


Sharing a clip of what was said, a Twitter onlooker said: “Donald Parham Jr. is at the hospital with a brain/spine injury.


“Joe Buck says he’d never speculate on an injury, then speculates DP’s arm tremors were because ‘it’s cold tonight, at least by Los Angeles standards.’

“Ladies and gents, meet rock bottom for sports broadcasting.”

“Listening to [Buck’s co-commentator Troy] Aikman talk about how he should have made the catch while Parham is out cold on the field was so hard to listen to and watch. Absolutely disgusting,” said someone agreeing.

“Aikman, a guy who had several concussions in his career. Whole thing was gross,” chimed in another party.

Not everyone joined the pile-on, however. 

“That ‘it’s cold’ sh*t is absolutely pathetic,” added one Twitter user. 

“But I don’t mind them showing the injury if nothing else because it’s real.

“I don’t think they should hide the dark side of the game we love to watch to ‘protect’ the viewers. We should see the real harm and dangers too. Just my opinion,” he concluded.

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