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Russia strikes Western-supplied air weapons depots in Ukraine – MoD

The attack came in response to Kiev’s attempts to damage the country’s energy infrastructure, the Defense Ministry has said

The Russian military has conducted high-precision strikes on Ukrainian ammo warehouses, including those storing drones and air weapons supplied by the West, the Defense Ministry in Moscow has said.

In a statement on Saturday, the ministry said that it had carried out a group strike overnight using long-range air and sea-based weapons and drones on several types of targets. These included Ukrainian energy infrastructure facilities supporting Kiev’s defense industry as well as warehouses storing ammo and air weapons supplied to Ukraine by Western countries. 

“The goals of the strike have been achieved. All designated targets have been hit,” officials have said.

The Defense Ministry stated that the latest attack came in response to “attempts by the Kiev regime to cause damage to Russian energy facilities.” Ukraine has for several month have been launching drone raids on Russian oil processing facilities, including those located far from the border.

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Russia has been routinely targeting energy infrastructure in response to Kiev’s cross-border attacks, while insisting the strikes do not target civilians. Ukrainian officials have acknowledged severe damage to the power grid, with the population being affected by rolling blackouts. A Financial Times report earlier this month claimed, citing sources, that the embattled country had lost over half of its power generation capacity.

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